Senior British lawyer - Stephen Ward was innocent victim of Profumo cover up

Earlier this morning, a press conference was held by Geoffrey Robertson QC and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, to launch a campaign to overturn the conviction of Stephen Ward. Ward was the society osteopath found guilty of living off the immoral earnings of Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies in 1963, following the media furore around Keeler’s affair with the then War Minister, John Profumo.

Robertson insisted that Ward actually was innocent – the women were not prostitutes, and they lived off his earnings as a successful osteopath and portrait painter. Ward was made a scapegoat for his role in the Profumo affair by Home Secretary Henry Brooke, who improperly ordered the police to begin a witch hunt.

He explained twelve mistakes of law that produced an overwhelmingly unfair trial – by today’s standards and even by those of 1963 – and which require Ward’s conviction to be overturned. At the press conference Robertson explained how the legal establishment has tried to cover up its behaviour in this shameful trial.

Robertson conducted an examination of the trial of Stephen Ward, with which ffter his research, Robertson wrote his book Stephen Ward Was Innocent, OK in attempt to portray how Ward’s trial in 1963, was a miscarriage of justice. He explained:

The Ward trial is the only trial in British legal history in which papers are being withheld. This is the most idiotic secrecy which has meant that the cover-up in relation to Stephen Ward continues to this day.

Robertson’s book was lodged earlier today with the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) as an application to have Ward’s conviction overturned. Robertson said:

This will provide an opportunity for the Court of Appeal to reconsider the worst unrectified miscarriage of justice in modern British history.

Mandy Rice-Davies, who was unfortunately suffering from a case of laryngitis, added:

Of course none of this is really news to me. The truth never sleeps. Ever.

Also in attendance were: Lord Hutchinson QC (who defended Christine Keeler, “Lady Chatterley” and George Blake), Stephen Pound MP (son of Ward’s literary agent) and Anthony Burton (solicitor lodging the application to overturn Ward’s conviction).