Stephen Ward Cast Recording

Andrew Lloyd Webber joined Charlotte Spencer (Christine Keeler), Charlotte Blackledge (Mandy Rice-Davies) and the rest of the Stephen Ward cast in a London studio last week to work on the cast recording of Stephen Ward, the new musical charting the rise and fall from grace of the man at the centre of the Profumo Scandal. Originally slated for release in March 2014, the decision was made to bring the release forward, following a fantastic reaction from the public to tracks performed at a press launch earlier this year.   

With music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Christopher Hampton and Don Black, the cast album will be released by Decca, available on digital download in mid December (date TBC), the CD is set for release on 30th December 2013 but you can pre-order now from Amazon.

Preview the music...


Human Sacrifice

With it’s haunting reflection of how Stephen Ward went from being the most popular man in London to being an exhibit at the Chamber of Horrors, ‘Human Sacrifice’ by Alex Hanson, is about Stephen’s story and how he was a victim of his own life. From his undeniable success as an osteopath he was betrayed and ended up as a ‘Human Sacrifice’.

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Hopeless When it Comes to You

Joanna Riding as Valerie Hobson contemplates her marriage with John Profumo after learning about his affair with good time girl Christine Keeler. Valerie dwells over what her next step should be. Should she stay? Will it make them stronger?

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